The Knight Fund

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The Knight Fund sustains excellence at Bishop O'Connell High School. With more than 1,200 parents, alumni, faculty, and friends donating every year, our school can continue its fine tradition of providing an outstanding Catholic education where honesty, compassion, and respect are integral to every student's time at O'Connell.

Gifts to the Knight Fund allow Bishop O'Connell to invest in innovative academic and co-curricular programs, hands-on learning, strengthen our college counseling program and provide professional development opportunities for our faculty and staff.

Most importantly, tuition alone only doesn't cover the cost of a Bishop O'Connell education. Knight Fund contributions help bridge the critical $1,600 gap between what is charged in tuition and the actual cost of educating each student.

Every gift adds up to create a Bishop O'Connell experience unlike any other.

2023-2024 Knight Fund

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Goal - $800,000
Current - $760,000
Start Date - July 1, 2023
End Date - June 30, 2024
Check back here for the latest updates as we aim to raise $800,000 for the Knight Fund. 


Kimberly Aubry