Stewart, Whitehead, and Winters Endowed Scholarship

Stewart, Whitehead, and Winters

They will live on as long as they are remembered and we will never, ever forget.”

Scholarship Description

An anonymous classmate and teammate established this scholarship to commemorate the lives of Tim Stewart, John Whitehead, and Dave Winters. In the words of Thomas Aquinas, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship”. The goal of the scholarship is for young minds to ponder how their lives are made better through life lasting friendships and their bright futures made possible by a Catholic education. Juniors are invited to apply with a thoughtful, well-crafted essay on friendship, family, and service. The annual scholarship is applied to the student's tuition at the beginning of senior year.

PS: if you are ever on the Bishop O'Connell campus, please stop by the stadium entrance where memorial plaques to remember Tim, John, and Dave, donated by the above mentioned anonymous classmate, are located. 

PSS: If you are a classmate, share your memories of Tim, John, and Dave by using the "Requesting Classmate Memories" button below.

John Whitehead Plaque
Tim Stewart and Dave Winters Plaque