Clubs and Organizations


Please check the Morning Announcements for club meeting information.


As a student at Bishop O'Connell High School, you are encouraged to balance your studies with an extracurricular life that helps feed your spirit. Beyond your classroom and homework responsibilities, a diverse number of positive ways in which your time and energy can be invested awaits you.

Whether your interest is in debate, photography or service, there is a club for you at Bishop O'Connell. More than 60 clubs, organizations and honor societies occupy our students' time and talents. Most clubs have a regular meeting time after school (such as the third Thursday of the month) and several offer more extensive time commitments. A Club Fair is held at the beginning of every school year to familiarize all students with the mission and activities of each group.

Current groups include:

Moderator: Mr. Pell (
Meetings: Meetings first Tuesday of the month in room 231
American Chemical Society ChemClub gives high school students an opportunity to experience chemistry beyond the classroom. Students engage in activities that enhance their understanding of the science, get them involved in the community, and help them better appreciate how chemistry plays a role in our everyday lives.  Members participate in the Chemistry Olympiad and volunteer time as chemistry tutors.

Moderator: Ms. Sensabaugh (
Meetings: Meetings weekly on Tuesday during Knightime in room 122
The club helps fulfill Bishop O'Connell's mission because it expresses the dignity of the human person, in this case, the children up for adoption and those adopted. This club is a space for adopted kids to feel they are not alone in their personal journeys and others to learn, listen, and advocate for adoption. The club is also somewhere everyone is welcomed and free to discuss and ask questions about adoption. Essentially this is a club for anyone and everyone.  The club also sponsors a Christmas toy donation drive.

Moderator: Mr. Jones ( Mrs. Davis (
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month in room 302 from 3:10 – 4:10 pm
The mission of the club is to promote our Christian faith, to promote a positive school presence, advocate for those in need and educate others about the proud heritage of the African American people. We support the Comfort Cases Charity that provides supplies for young children who transition to and between foster homes. We are an inclusive community in which all culture can be a part. Genealogy across cultures (because we are multicultural) will play a large role in the club. All students of any cultural or ethnic groups are welcome. Events include Black History Month Assembly, Comfort Cases fundraiser as well as the Taste of Africa (share African treats with the school community).

Moderator: Fr. Thompson (
Meetings: During Advisory on B2 days in Cafe Vaticano.
Interested students assist in setting up for school liturgies and serving Mass throughout the year as altar servers and ushers.

Moderator: Mr. Jones (
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month in room 302 from 3:10 – 4:10 pm 
The mission of Anime Club is to build a connection between American and Japanese cultures through the medium of digital video and art. Anime Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Japanese culture and Animation/Anime. We strive for the development of community and inspiration of talent based on these common interests. Everyone is welcome to enjoy watching anime videos, drawing and producing anime designs on the computer. The club offers a comfortable and safe environment. We support the Comfort Cases Charity which provides supplies for young children who transition to and between foster homes. All students are welcome. We meet twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays.

Moderator: Mr. Jones ( 
Meetings: Every Wednesday in room 302 from 3:10 – 4:10 pm.
The mission of Art Club is to build an appreciation for the visual arts and the process of creating art which guides each person to be closer to our creator God. We believe that art is genuinely spiritual. Each meeting members are provided time to explore and experiment with a wide variety of materials and skills including drawing, painting and sculpture. Anyone who has an interest in art can join, regardless of experience. Participating in this club will help students gain knowledge in the visual arts for their own enjoyment or for service to the community. We support the Comfort Cases Charity which provides supplies for young children who transition to and between foster homes. We meet every Wednesday.

Moderator:  Dr. Stabile (
Meetings:  2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 3:30 pm in room 316 or the Band room. Location announced in advance on the AM Announcements.
To promote an understanding and awareness of the Asian cultural including ethnicity, social, economic, political and religious systems. Awareness and understanding is fostered through monthly meetings featuring cultural activities such as, guest speakers and instructional media, annual assembly for the entire student body, and fund raising activities such as bake sales and raffles.

Moderator: Mr. Grady ( 
Meetings: Students are scheduled to work 2-3 days a week in the training room or at games, all year if possible
Student trainers assist the Certified Athletic Trainer with the care of injuries to athletes. Work 2 – 3 days a week, all year if possible, in the training room, at practices, and games. Provide first aid, preventive taping, and team water to athletes. Assist with rehabilitation treatments and the daily operation of the athletic training program. Work in a fun environment with fellow students and the Certified Athletic Trainers. Meet other students with similar interests and get to know a whole other side of O’Connell. Good opportunity for students interested in medicine to get some exposure and practical experience.

Moderator:  Mr. Tabbara ( 
Meetings:  Monthly meetings TBA
Expanding Bishop O’Connell’s club offerings to unite those interested in automotive culture and generate excitement and career enrichment for those interested in cars, trucks or any other vehicles.  The club will provide a friendly forum to share automotive knowledge, talk about career opportunities, safe work habits and learn about regional car meets and car shows. 

Moderator:  Mr. Tabbara ( 
Meetings:  TBA
To cook-out, feed the students and raise money for an approved charity.  The club would like to grill out occasionally and sell burgers hotdogs, etc. and have a community atmosphere where everybody is having a good time and cooking food for the students.

Moderator: Mrs. Haas (
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays during Knightime and after school in the auditorium balcony.
Best Buddies fosters one-to-one friendships between high school students with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The club offers social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and excluded through their participation, From this club, people with IDD form meaningful connections with their peers, gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and share interests, experiences and activities that many other individuals enjoy.

Moderator: Ms. Doran (
Meetings: Twice a month on Wednesday during Knight Time in the training room or in room 141 during Knightime.
Two major blood drives during the school year are organized by this club and run by INOVA Blood Services. Each drive approximately 65 units of blood are collected. If they have a blood shortage, patients may receive the donations that same day.  One is held in the fall and the other in the spring. Membership is open to all students.

Moderator: Mr. Cummings (
Meetings: Wednesdays after school in room 221
The Chess Club is open to all who wish to play chess of all skill levels, improve their playing ability, or simply learn to play. 

Moderators: Mrs. Gonsalves (
Meetings: At 3 PM In the Library every 4th Monday
Meetings announced on AM announcements, approved posters, emails to club members via MYDJO club page. Students explore the art and science of computer game design with software tools and game assets on Windows and Mac and for app development on iOS and Android with SDKs. Topics of interest include programming logic, coding, story-telling, character development, animation, 3D design, textures, sound and optimization. Students join to demonstrate new software tools, game assets and skills to create games to play and publish. Experience in both iOS and Android app development using SDKs and computer game development software is shared.

Moderator: Mrs. Knauf ( 
Meetings: Instruction and club play will take place in the fall and spring in the courtyard or on the baseball field when available and weather permitting.
The goals of the club are to teach members the basics and variations of playing croquet, to promote playing croquet and camaraderie among the DJO community and to train and equip club members to play croquet with residents of a local senior community in order to provide an opportunity for intergenerational connection.

Moderator: Mrs. Gonsalves (
Meetings: 1st Wednesdays of the month at the computers in the library from 3 - 4 pm
Meetings announced on AM announcements, approved posters, emails to club members via MYDJO club page. New members are always welcome. Cyber Knights are students who are interested in cybersecurity and want to develop computer and network security experience using technical resources to excel in cyber security competitions. One contest has students manage the computer network (both Linux and Windows) of a small company and must find cybersecurity vulnerabilities and lock down the system while maintaining critical services. 

Moderator:  Mrs. O’Reilly ( 
Meetings:  Monthly TBA
The purpose of this club is to create art therapy kits for seniors with dementia. These kits will be used at the Goodwin Houses in Alexandria and Bailey's Crossroads. Members will become dementia certified and engage with art therapy. Students will be able to learn about the effects of dementia and the benefits of art therapy. Students will also be able to interact with the information of dementia with their community

Moderator:  Mr. Isaacson (
Meetings:  Mondays every week during Knightime in the Bandroom
Practice for performances at DJO events and preparation for performances in the surrounding community.  Increasing awareness of the sound and beautiful music that can be played on this woodwind instrument. 

Moderator:  Mrs. Kirschbaum ( 
Meetings:  3pm Wednesdays twice a month in room 317
The purpose of this club is to allow students the opportunity to learn and practice knitting.  We support the charity Project Knitwell.  We collect donated yarn and have plans to do fundraising to support Project Knitwell.  Project Knitwell is a recognized leader in therapeutic knitting and has participated in research on the benefits of knitting as a proven wellness tool that helps people cope with stressful situations in hospital and community settings.

Moderator:  Mr. Isaacson ( 
Meetings:  Fridays during Knight Time in the bandroom
Practice for performances at O'Connell events and preparation for performances in the surrounding community.  Increasing awareness of the sound and beautiful music that can be played on the saxophone. 

Moderator:  Mr. LaCrosse (
Meetings:  Wednesday after school from 3:00 - 4:00 pm in the bandroom
Practice for performances at O'Connell events and preparation for performances in the surrounding community.  Increasing awareness of the sound and beautiful music that can be played as a string quartet.

Moderator: Mrs. Bode (
Meetings: Meeting times change in relation to upcoming shows
The Drama Club supports the Fall show, Spring musical, Black Box production and various group activities. Open to all students. Announcements are posted on the Drama bulletin board on the lower level next to the stairs up to the Clinic.

Moderator: Mr. Pell (
Meetings: Thursdays from 3-4 PM in room 112
We will play Dungeons and Dragons as well as other related games like PathFinder. We help players develop role playing and acting skills.

Moderator: Mr. Britt (
Meetings: Monday during Knight Time in room 236
The club developed a plan for reducing the environmental impact of the cafeteria.  We were able to eliminate styrofoam cups, salt and pepper packets, and water bottles sold with excess plastic.  We also got the napkin dispensers fixed so that paper waste was reduced. We are interested in finding a viable clothes recycling effort. We have plans to continue reduction of cafeteria waste this year and to work with the new maintenance company on effective consistent classroom recycling.

Moderator: Mrs. Pore (
Meetings: First Tuesday of every month during Knight Time
The purpose of this club is to design and test space experiments, build and launch satellites, and support the learning of Amateur Radio. We also have a sub team that builds automated underwater vehicles to compete in local SeaPerch challenges.

Moderator: Ms Sensabaugh ( and Mrs. Johnson (
Meetings: Weekly 
Our club fulfills Bishop O'Connell's mission by creating a community of like-minded individuals who are interested in furthering their historical knowledge and critical thinking skills through discussions and activities centered on European history and its relevance to today. Club members will also be encouraged to take on leadership roles and become active participants in shaping the clubs various topics and activities. Explore and discuss European history and art through dynamic and engaging discussions and activities. 

Moderator:  Ms. Walsh (
Meetings:  Twice a month
To help teach others the history of fashion and how people have been expressing themselves throughout the years. Discussing different aesthetics and preparing a fashion show for The Festival of the Arts.

Moderators: Ms. Carroll ( 
Meeting: Tuesdays after school in room 220
The purpose of Fiat is to accompany young women in their faith. We do this by gathering together as a community to grow in virtue through fellowship, conversation, prayer, scripture,  and inspiration from the saints. This all happens over tea! 

Moterator: Mrs. Kirschbaum (
Meetings: Tuesday 3 PM in room 317
The goal of the French Club is to stimulate interest in the French language, France and its culture. French Club is a place to speak French, enjoy French food and culture, and celebrate all things français! The club is open to anyone, whether or not they speak French or are taking French classes at DJO. 

Moderator: Ms. Webb (
Meetings: Room 319
This group fosters an appreciation for the French culture, honors best French students, participates in school charity drives, and hosts French speaking guests. Membership is open to students who have had two years of French and a grade average of 90 or higher.

Moderator: Mrs. O'Malley (
Meetings: 3 pm Thursdays in room 202.
This club provides a safe venue so that students may interact and compete via MMORPG games, contests, and competitions. Great way to meet new people with similar interests! 

Moderator: Mrs. Stabile (
Meetings: TBD 
The purpose of this group is to honor excellence in the study of the German language and culture, and to lend service to other German students in need of tutoring. Members must be in the last three semesters of study and possess at least an 85 average in other academic subjects. The Honor Society works with the German Club and provides tutoring and a service project.

Moderator: Mr. Meinsen (
Meetings: Fridays at 3pm in room 232
The O’Connell Golf Club is committed to providing an opportunity for members to play, learn, and enjoy the game of golf. Membership is open to all O’Connell students, from beginners to advanced players.

Moderator: Mr. Jimenez (
Meeting: 3pm Friday in room 315
This club is for practicing, learning songs and most importantly to have fun playing the guitar.

Moderator: Ms. Bonutti (
Meeting: 3 PM Monday in room 327
We are working to raise funds, awareness and support for the Bercy School in Haiti.

Moderator: Mrs. Juarez (
Meetings: Tuesdays during Knightime in room 314
To learn about and to recognize the contributions and vital presence of both Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and to observe their native heritage and contributing culture. The club creates and performs in the Hispanic Heritage Assembly in October as well as participates in the Hispanic Heritage Mass.  The club also works with the Spanish Honor Society at the St. James monthly food distribution.

Moderator: Mrs Ryan (
Meetings: After school TBD
Holy Yoga Club offers opportunities for students to explore and share their faith through the physical practice of traditional yoga poses, breath work and relaxation techniques. Using prayer or scripture combined with movement and stillness, students and faculty will be able to build a practice of Holy Yoga to glorify God and be open to His will.

Moderator: Mrs. Juarez (
Meetings: twice monthly in room 314
Interact is the high school level of rotary, connecting young people ages 12 – 18 to develop leadership skills and discover the power of Service Above Self. Each interact club is sponsored by a Rotary club. Activities include oratorical and essay contests, community service projects, music competition and leadership training camp. Additionally, there are Interact scholarship opportunities and Rotary Club exchange. We are sponsored by the Falls Church Rotary Club.

Moderator:  Mrs. Swaim (

Moderator: Dr. Stabile (
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month in Room 316
This club promotes awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the global contributions of Italian culture, customs,and traditions in Catholic Church history, science, mathematics, art, music, language, philosophy and literature. Service opportunities for members are provided.

Moderators: Mr. Owens (
Meetings: Daily Monday – Thursday through November and then weekly through May in room 144.
The It’s Academic Club is a group of trivia-filled students who meet to practice for competitions. The club participates in three major competitions. These include It’s Academic, a televised academic quiz competition for high school students airing on NBC, as well as the Winter and Spring Knowledge Master Open. All interested students are welcome to be a part of the team.

Moderator: Mrs. Aubry (, Mrs. Friel (, Ms. Martenson (
Meetings: During B1 Advisory in the cafeteria or in Room 214 during Knightime.
For membership each girl must show that she is willing to donate time and energy and must maintain at least a "C" average. This club is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Application for membership is made in the spring for the following school year.
The DJO Keyette Club is an all female service organization at O’Connell High School where its members help faculty, administrators, and the surrounding community with various projects. The purpose of the DJO Keyette Club follows the Constitution of the Keyette International: to serve school and community, to develop initiative and leadership in its members, to provide experience in working with others, to prepare for useful citizenship and to cooperate with the school administration and faculty. Karing is our way of life!  Keyettes usually assist with Back to School Night, Open House, Homecoming, Thankathon, Turkey Blitz, Registration Night, Bake Sales and Community Service opportunities.

Moderator: Mrs. Davis (
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month in room 302
Step Team provides a great opportunity for interested students to gain stepping skills and showcase their talent. The steppers perform at school events and competitions. The team was created in order to demonstrate a unique art form that originated in Africa. The purpose is also to perform at school and community events throughout the year, develop leadership skills and develop each member physically, mentally and morally. Students also have the opportunity to begin an activity they can continue in college. 

Moderators: Mrs. Figueiras ( Mr. Isaacson ( 
Meetings: Weekly in Room 238
The KnightLine is here to represent and support Bishop O'Connell. Using drums in correlation with the O-Zone at football games, the crowd can be more energized to push the team. The KnightLine would work with the cheerleaders to support their chants as well. Eventually The KnightLine would like to be able to perform for the student body at pep rallies, before games, during halftimes or intermissions.

Moderator: Ms. Lattie (
Meetings: B1 days during Advisory (7:43-8:05 AM)
The purpose of this club is to organize various pro-life activities--prayer, petition circulation, and writing letters to government officials. This club strives to reinforce the Culture of Life at O'Connell through prayer and peaceful witness.

Moderator:  Dr. Coolidge (
Meetings:  Monthly meetings to be announced via AM Announcements and signs
The purpose of this club is to grow empathy and awareness for those who are suffering because of violence, whether that be in the US or worldwide. Knights 4 Peace will discuss topics all about fighting violence either worldwide or in the US. We will have discussions of worldly events, as well as discuss different tactics of approaching these topics. 

Moderator: Mr. Lambert (
Meetings: Thursday, Room 320, at 3 p.m.
The Largesse is a literary/art magazine. The purpose of the Largesse is to publish student are, poetry, prose and photography in a creative arts magazine and consequently stimulate interest in the creative arts. Students who demonstrate skill and/or enthusiasm for the creative arts are encouraged to join.

Moderator:  Mrs. Cunningham (
Meetings:  Thursday once a month in Room 318
Any student enrolled in a Latin class is eligible for membership. The club fosters an appreciation for Roman culture and mythology with games and activities.  The Latin Honor Society fosters an appreciation for Roman culture and civilization, honors best Latin students, and participates in school charity drives. Membership requirement for Honor Society is a grade of 90 or above for 3 consecutive semesters.  Honor Society students are obligated to tutor other Latin students who need assistance.

Moderators: Mr. Connor (
Meetings: Once a month after school for 30 minutes, in room 117 for Junior Math League and 213 for Senior Math League
The club consists of two sections , the Junior Math League is open to students in Algebra 2/Trig and lower, and the Senior Math League, open to students in Pre-Clculus and above. Both sponsor 6 contests per year. The club sponsors Virginia Math League Contests. Contests are held throughout the year and all students are eligible to compete.

Moderator: Mrs. Juarez (
Meetings: 3rd Thursdays in room 314.
This club raises awareness about the needs of the poorest of the poor in developing countries. Fundraising helps to provide necessary medical supplies and monetary funds to the Medical Missionaries organization.

Moderators: Mr. Rixon (
Meetings: 3pm Tuesday in room 124
Club attended several bill writing workshops with state senators, and a three day conference to model the general assembly in the Spring. Also attended one day in Richmond for advocacy day.

Moderator: Mr. Rixon (
Meetings: Every Tuesday, Room 122, at 3:15 p.m.
The Bishop O’Connell Model United Nations Club is an organization where participants represent a country in the United Nations during different conferences that we participate in. In order to join this club it is not necessary to be comfortable or be able to speak publicly.

Moderator: Mr. Bernhard (
Meetings: Room 116
Membership is limited to students with qualifying GPA's. The honor society promotes a love of math through math related activities and competitions.

Moderator:  Mrs. Swaim (
Meetings: Once a month on Tuesdays in room 323.
The NEHS goal is to promote mastery of written expression, encourage worthwhile reading, and foster fellowship among students who excel in English.

Moderator: Mrs. Taylor (
Meetings: Once a month on Tuesdays

Moderator: Mrs. Kuziel ( Mr. Kimmitt (
Meetings: Monthly in room 318
This club will help students bring more mental health awareness to the school which will help foster the pursuit of excellence in the whole person. The activities are designed to increase social-connectedness, help-seeking behaviors, and encourage self-care and healthy habits.

Moderator: Ms. Dannaher (
Meetings: Monthly at 3 PM on Tuesday in the library
The purpose of this club is to provide its members with a wider and more diverse experience of the wilds and frontiers of literature. The goal is to expose the members to as many style and genres as possible while at the same time revealing the intensity and entertainment to be harvested from reading.

Moderator: Mr. Bernhard (
Meetings: Fridays, 3 PM in the math hallway

Moderator: Ms. McCormack (
Meetings: TBA
Praise Band is an auditioned group of singers and musicians who use their talents to praise God during school Masses. If interested in joining, please consider auditioning in the spring semester (early May). Please contact Ms. McCormack with any questions.

Moderator: Mr. Rixon (
Meetings: 3 PM Tuesdays in room 122
To advance social studies and provide recognition for academic efforts. Students must apply and meet Rho Kappa requirements.

Moderator: Mrs. Spann (
Meetings: TBA

Moderator: Mrs. Mrs. Moore (
Meetings: TBD
This club is open to all students. It is a peer leadership organization dedicated to preventing destructive decisions, particularly underage drinking. Members of the SADD Club participate in the annual SADD Walks for MADD as well as Dead Day and the annual SADD Assembly.

Moderator:  Mrs. Juarez (
Meetings:  Weekly in Room 314
Bishop O’Connell High School is a community of students represented by many diversities and cultures. The purpose of the Latin Dance Club is to educate students on the cultural roots of the Latin dance.The club will give the opportunity to explore the Latin culture in fun ways by meeting new people, dancing, and discovering new interests.  The Latin Dance Club is aimed toward celebrating the Latin American culture through dance performance. Our main goal is to connect with peers who share a love for dancing and create a bond through our highschool experiences. 

Moderator: Mr. Dujakovich ( 
Meetings: Monthly 
The purpose of the SCA is to cooperate with the administration/faculty in the promotion of high standards of education in conjunction with the development in each person of a knowledge of the Christian faith and a devotion to God; to foster school spirit through planning, coordinating, and executing of various activities for the student body; to promote a good relationship between the administration/faculty and the students; to represent the students' concerns to the administration/faculty; and to promote the general welfare of the Bishop O'Connell community. The SCA is also in charge of numerous school wide activities like the Christ House Soup Drive and Superdance.

Moderator: Ms. Madden (
Meetings: Fridays, 3-4 pm in room 120
The hope of this group of friends is to live life genuinely. This is the only way to discover how Christ is the ultimate meaning of reality. Join them for discussion, School of Community service, and much more. Come and see!

Moderator: Mr. Pell (
Meetings: Room 231 at 3:30 pm
The goal of this group is to increase young men's spirituality and fidelity to the Church through Spiritual readings and exercises, hymn singing and praise of God.

Moderator: Mr. Suemith (
Meetings: Monthly
For those who believe human beings were created to fly and reach for the stars - a club where one can learn about the design, function, and use of rockets. No need to be a rocket scientist yet it really is Rocket Science!
Activities:: Talks on the physics and engineering of rocketry and space flight; Play Kerbal Space Program; Design and Launch water propelled rockets; Trips to amateur rocketry launches; Follow and watch Nasa and SpaceX missions; Aid in building DJO's very own satellite!

Moderator: Ms. Yanine (
Meetings: Tuesday 3 PM in room 310.
The Spanish Honor Society's purpose is to promote an appreciation for the Spanish and Hispanic culture and a continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. Members must have maintained a 90 average or higher for three consecutive semesters.

Moderator: Mrs. Rubio (
Meetings: Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays during Knight Time, in room 312.
Members of the Spanish Tutoring Society are Spanish Honor Society members who volunteer to tutor struggling Spanish Level 1, 2, and 3 students. Tutoring takes place Tuesdays, Wednesday and /or Thursday afternoons. Tutoring is free. Spanish tutors help O'Connell students who are having difficulty in their Spanish classes. Students in need of help may go to room 312 during Knight Time to receive help. No appointments needed.

Moderator: Mr. Betthauser (
Meetings: Every other Friday during Knight Time in room 202.
Stock Market Virtual Simulation. Club participated in Economics Challenge competition at the state level in Richmond.

Moderator:  Ms. Tillotson ( 
Meetings:  Monthly TBD
The purpose of AAS is to help relieve the stress that students have due to school. The goal of the club is to find ways to help the school community create healthy stress relieving habits so that our school as a whole becomes happier and less stressed.

Moderator: Ms. Klontz (
Meetings: Thursday, B2 Days, Advisory in 146 7:40 am
The club seeks to support St. Jude’s Golden Gala, Kids V Cancer (partnering with Knights For Peace with Dr. Coolidge- lobbying at the capitol for more funding for childhood cancer), Relay for Life (with American Cancer Society), Bake sale St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Meetings: 1st Wednesdays in the band room.

Moderator: Mr. Hill (
Meetings: TBD

Moderator: Mr. Horan (
Meetings: Mondays or next Anchor Day at Knight Time (Room 300)
The VISOR staff undertakes production of a newspaper four times a year as well as maintain the VISOR-online edition. Membership is open to all students.

Moderator: Mrs. Spann (
Meetings: Tuesdays
The club works to promote awareness of the lack of clean drinking water throughout the world, especially in Africa. All money raised will go to creating wells near African grade schools.

Moderator: Mr. Carwin (

Moderator: Mr. Connor (
Meetings: 3 PM Tuesdays
This club is to raise the awareness about the Democratic Party.

Moderator: Mr. Owens (
Meetings: 3 pm Friday in room 144.
The goal of the Young Men's Executive Club is to learn and promote professional qualities, manners, life skills, and behaviors to assist young men in prevailing in the educational and business world. Members aim to build leadership skills to help them on the path to college and potential careers. In addition, members organize and implement service activities to meet local community needs. The membership is open to juniors and seniors only.

Moderator: Mr. Altoft and Mrs. Spurlock ( and
Meetings: 3 PM Mondays in room 326
This club works to raise awareness about the Republican Party, and develop leadership and debate skills.

Moderator: Mrs. Knauf (
Meetings: Once a month after school in room 327.  
The goal of the Young Women's Executive Club is to learn and promote professional qualities, manners, life skills, and behaviors to assist young women in prevailing in the educational and business world. Members aim to build leadership skills to help them on the path to college and potential careers. In addition, members organize and implement service activities to meet local community needs. The membership is open to juniors and seniors only.