Bring Your Own Device

2020-2021 REMINDERS -  All students are required to bring a laptop/macbook/chromebook to school with them every day that they are on campus. Students should be ready to use their devices all day, which means that they should make sure they charge their computers every night so that they are ready with a full charge each day. 

This year we are also highly recommending that all students purchase a set of headphones/earbuds that they can connect to their laptops. These headphones do not need to have a microphone, since they are meant to be used when students are listening to audio/visual content. They don’t need to be expensive, just compatible with their device and easy to store and carry.

Technology, like textbooks and other classroom materials, is an integral part of the resources that your students need for their learning. And in this year of on-campus/off-campus learning, it is even more important that students are prepared with the technology that will allow them to seamlessly move between campus and home. You can find more details on what is required for the BYOD program below. You can also contact our staff in the Walsh Technology Center with any questions about your students' devices, what applications they may need, etc. by emailing

If you have any questions about purchasing a device, or if you would like information about community resources for low-cost Internet access, please use the email address above for more information. If your student is taking a course that has additional technology requirements, such as additional software to download prior to the start of classes, you will receive a separate email in early August.

BYOD Program Information

Recognizing the use of collaborative technology as part of each student's learning experience, Bishop O'Connell High School has instituted a BYOD program that follow educational best practices for integrating technology into student-centered learning. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, the BYOD program for all students will be as follows:

Required Hardware (minimum requirements)

Required Applications

Bishop O'Connell's BYOD policy does not specify a particular brand or vendor for a student's device, as long as the devices meets our technical requirements. For the convenience of our families, we are working with Computerware, a reputable, local computer vendor that families can order through. This is the company that Bishop O'Connell to purchase most of our computer equipment.
If you are looking to purchase a new device for your student, you can visit the Bishop O'Connell page on Computerware's website for more information on the devices they are offering, as well as the benefits the company is providing for our Bishop O'Connell families.