O'Connell Vocations

Bishop O'Connell High School is honored to claim more than 60 graduates who have entered the priesthood or religious life. This is a clear testament that O'Connell continues to advance the mission of the Church.

Class of 1962
Sister Elizabeth Ann Goltman, IHM
Rev. Robert Dugan (Ordained 1969)

Class of 1963
Sister Theresa Amendolia, SND
Rev. Robert J. Kantz (Ordained 2001)
Sister Elizabeth Ann Lemnah, IHM
Sister Margaret Paul Longshore, IHM
Sister Janice Therese Urbanec, IHM

Class of 1964
Rev. Azara Attura
Sister Mary Beth Coyle, IHM
Rev. Frederick Feusahrens (Ordained 1972)

Class of 1965
Sister Carolyn Marie Martin

Class of 1966
Sister Maureen Houlihan, DC
Sister Catherine Hill, IHM
Rev. Patrick Holroyd
Sister Bridget Meehan
Sister Patricia Murphy

Class of 1967
Sister Mary Filan, IHM
Rev. Robert Avella
Rev. William Schardt (Ordained 1975)

Class of 1968
Rev. John O'Hara (Ordained 1980)

Class of 1969
Sister Ann Christopher, IHM (Patricia Ann Murphy)
Sister Ann Marie Stegmaier, IHM
Rev. Brian Morrow, OFM (Ordained 1980)
Rev. Robert DeMartino (Ordained 1992)
Rev. David Drewelow (Ordained 1980)
Rev. Leo Larrivee, SS (Ordained 1977)
Bro. Lawrence Shine, FSC

Class of 1970
Rev. Richard Mooney (Ordained 1979)
Deacon Don Libera (Ordained 2013 to Permanent Diaconate)

Class of 1971
Rev. Brian Yanofchick

Class of 1972
Bro. Jim McIntosh, OFM

Class of 1973
Sister Mary Sue Carwile, IHM
Sister M. Catherine Bernadette

Class of 1974
Sister Katherine Baltazar, Medical Mission Sister

Class of 1975
Rev. John Abe (Ordained 1984)

Class of 1979
Rev. Joseph Mulroney (Ordained 1993)

Class of 1980
Sister Marianne George Boccabello, FSP
Sister Patricia Ann Long, IHM

Class of 1981
Sister Kathryn James Hermes
Rev. Paul deLaudurantaye (Ordained 1988)
Rev. John Peterson (Ordained 1989)

Class of 1982
Rev. William Anton
Rev. Charles Smith

Class of 1983
Rev. Michael Duesterhaus (Ordained 1991)
Rev. Patrick Posey (Ordained 1991)
Rev. Emilio Biosca, OFM CAP (Ordained 1994)

Class of 1984
Sister Mary Chiara of the Holy Face (Lucy Fetta)
Sister Immaculata Francis, OP (Mary Margaret)
Sister Marie San Pierre, PCPA (Mary Beth Webb)
Rev. Stephen McGraw
Rev. Richard Mullins (Ordained 1995)

Class of 1986
Rev. Edward Horkan

Class of 1987
Rev. Sean Keller
Rev. Christopher Murphy (Ordained 1996)
Rev. David W. Hudgins (Ordained 2001)

Class of 1988
Rev. Marcel Guarnizo
Rev. Christopher Hayes (Ordained 2013)
Rev. James Hudgins (Ordained 1998)

Class of 1989
Rev. Paul Richardson

Class of 1991
Rev. James Searby

Class of 1993
Sr. Cynthia M. Benedicta, FSP

Class of 1994
Rev. Philip Cozzi (Ordained 2006)

Class of 1999
Sr. M. Bonaventura, FSGM
Rev. Edward Bresnahan (Ordained 2010)
Rev. Thomas Cavanaugh (Ordained 2013)
Rev. Luke Dundon (Ordained 2011)

Class of 2000
Rev. Matthew DeForest (Ordained 2009)
Rev. Jason Weber (Ordained 2010)

Class of 2005
Joseph Flaherty (Seminarian) 

Class of 2008
Rev. Christopher W. Nyce

Class of 2012
Sr. Allison A. Gliot (Daughters of St. Paul)
Robert Renner (Ordained 2022)
Peter St. George (Ordained 2022)