Pro-Life Ministry

Father McShurley and Bishop Burbidge with students at March for Life 2023


Knights for Life

Knights for Life is Bishop O'Connell's student-facilitated pro-life club. The group meets once a week in order to discuss various pro-life topics ranging from abortion to embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, euthanasia, and any other issue that attacks or otherwise concerns the dignity of human life. They hold various fundraisers throughout the year in order to assist pro-life efforts in the area. In Spring 2023, Knights for Life organized a donation drive on behalf of the MaRiH Center, an Alexandria-based pregnancy care center.
Knights for Life is also very active in the local pro-life community, participating in the annual March for Life and organizing the Pro-Life Assembly every January, and praying monthly outside of a local abortion facility. In 2023, Knights for Life participated for the first time in the Virginia March for Life in Richmond. The club's goal is to be a peaceful and prayerful, pro-life front on campus and in the community.

March For Life

Student participation in the annual March For Life is an O'Connell tradition dating back more than thirty years. Each year, students from Bishop O'Connell make their voices heard in our nation's Capital and stand up for the sanctity of human life.