Receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation

For a variety of reasons, some students may not have received the sacrament of Confirmation when they were younger. This course is available for Catholic students who, for some reason, may have not received the sacrament of Confirmation.

Catholic students who wish to receive the sacrament of Confirmation for the first time must begin the process by talking to the pastor of their parish. If the pastor and the student’s family so decide, the student is welcome to prepare for Confirmation through the chaplain’s office. The pastor needs to send a note to the Chaplain acknowledging his permission for the student to be instructed in this course at O’Connell rather than through the parish.

Course instruction begins after mid-term exams in January. A series of classes will be held on 8th period in the chaplain’s office for interested students. The course concludes with a mandatory retreat day in the spring during school hours. This retreat is an off campus event. Usually the Chaplain and a faculty member take the students to the Franciscan Monastery located in Washington, DC. The group returns to O'Connell in time to ride the school buses home.

Registration for the sacramental prep course may be made by parents completing a short form and returning it to O'Connell or by students filling out a form in Religion class.


Students may also come by the office to talk with the Chaplain about receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

Questions? Please contact the chaplain’s office at 703-237-1441.