Injury Treatment

Often, the degree of severity of an injury is not evident until the athlete has arrived home or until the next day. If you have any doubt, or if the injury appears to become worse, feel free to consult a physician. The P.R.I.C.E. instructions below are always good to follow.

P - Protect - Prevent further injury by using the crutches, sling, splint, or brace provided.

R - Rest - Avoid any unnecessary use of the injured are. You can maintain fitness of unaffected areas of the body.

I - Ice - Apply ice for 15-20 minutes as often as convenient for the first 2-3 days. Allow at least 30 minutes between ice treatments. DO NOT APPLY HEAT sooner than 3 days.

C - Compression - Wear an elastic bandage around the injured area except when sleeping. Use the bandage to hold ice treatments firmly in place.

E - Elevation - Raise an injured arm or leg above the level of the heart as often as possible.