Athletic Training

Who are Athletic Trainers?

Athletic Trainers are allied health care professionals recognized by the American Medical Association for the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries under the direction of a physician. Athletic Trainers are Board Certified. The National Athletic Training Association defines the role of the certified athletic trainer in five areas.

  1. Prevention of athletic injuries

  2. Recognition, evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries

  3. Rehabilitation of athletic injuries

  4. Health care administration

  5. Professional development


  • Our board-certified athletic trainers cover all practices and home games played at DJO, Tuckahoe Field, and MedStar Capitals IcePlex. At least one athletic trainer will be present at all on-campus until all events are finished.
  • Athletic trainers provide first aid, immediate care for emergency situations as well as minor injuries.
  • Injury evaluations and treatment plans are performed by our athletic trainers upon injury.
  • Follow care is provided for injuries that can be treated in DJO’s athletic training room including rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy and various therapeutic modalities (heat, ultrasound, ESTIM, Cupping, etc.)
  • Application of preventative and protective taping, wrapping, and padding can be utilized for safe athletic participation.
  • Injuries that cannot be treated at DJO will be referred to a physician for further evaluation.
  • Education for athletes, coaches, and parents.

Training Room Hours

  • The athletic training room is open once school is released at 2:55pm until practices and games have ended for the night.

  • An athletic trainer will be present on weekends pending team practice schedules.


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