All-Conference Athletes

Congratulations to athletes who have been recognized as All-Conference, All-State or All-Met. Click on the season below to view a list of O'Connell honorees.

Fall 2018

Boys Cross Country
Max Greczyn (All-WCAC)
Nick Slovak (All-WCAC)

Girls Cross Country
Tess Brinkmann (All-WCAC)
Alissa Keegan (All-WCAC)
Katherine Slovak (All-WCAC)

Field Hockey
Aubrey Donohue (WCAC 2nd Team)
Maddie Cadin (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Klara Pace (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Caroline Young (WCAC Honorable Mention)

Boys Soccer
Cristian Escalante (WCAC 1st Team)
Victor Montero (WCAC 1st Team)
Aidan Abril (WCAC 2nd Team)
Craig Eastland (WCAC 2nd Team)
John Sullivan (WCAC 2nd Team)
Elias Landeros (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Dmitri Lyalikov (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Aidan Seymour (WCAC Honorable Mention)

Girls Soccer
Maggie Basse (WCAC 1st Team)
Kendall McBride (WCAC 2nd Team)
Maggie McDonough (WCAC 2nd Team)
Lily Neubauer (WCAC 2nd Team)
Sarah David (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Emily Quigley (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Katherine Shiells (WCAC Honorable Mention)
WCAC Coach of the Year – Alberto Starace

Girls Tennis
Isabelle Chang (WCAC 1st Team)
Jen Gulley (WCAC 1st Team)
Valencia McIntosh (WCAC 1st Team)
Chang/Ola Barrett (WCAC 1st Team)
Gulley/Annie Clerici (WCAC 1st Team)
Annemarie Cake (WCAC 2nd Team)

Kelley Moriarty (WCAC 1st Team)
Skye Ferris (WCAC 2nd Team)
Ajia James (WCAC Honorable Mention)
Sasha Millora-Brown (WCAC Honorable Mention)