2023 Alumni Awards

We hope you will join us in celebrating excellence in our community at the Bishop O'Connell High School's Annual Alumni Achievement Award and Hall of Fame Induction ceremony:

Saturday, November 18, 2023 
4:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Bishop O'Connell High School
6600 Little Falls Road, Arlington VA 22213


Please see important school-entry information for visitors at the bottom of this page.

Alumni Achievement Awardees

Please join us in congratulating our 2023 Alumni Achievement Award recipients!

Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Class

Congratulations to these former Bishop O'Connell High School athletes who have been selected to the 2023 Athletic Hall of Fame induction class.

1986 Varsity Softball Team

1986 Varsity Softball Team
First Row: Jeanie Crowley Sprague ’89, Stephanie McIntyre  ’86, Jenelle Langen  ’87, Mary Kuhn Miguez ’89. Second Row: Missy Leget  ’86, Nancy Odria  ’87, Sharon Beck DeStacy ’87, Liza Martel  ’86, Kim Zdancewicz Vlasto ’86, Michelle Mooney Ritchy ’86. Third Row: Katey Anfinson Ralls ’89, Susie Mabry Lawrence ’87, Jackie Kenney Madden ’87, Christin Crowley  ’86, Maureen Gallaher Inman ’88, Kristy Burch Bergmann ’86, Margaret Schneck  ’87, Lena Hann Ferris ’86, Suzanne Aste Vanderhart ’87, CoachTommy Orndorff.


School Entry Protocols (Fall 2023)

We look forward to welcoming our esteemed alumni and their families to campus. Diocesan protocols require that each guest coming to campus:

  • Enter through the main entrance (marked Door #1/Across from the flagpole/Holy Family statue along Little Falls Road)
  • No entrances except the main entrance will be in use for this event
  • Each visitor must check in with the event registration desk upon arrival
  • Each visitor will be issued a nametag at check in - this nametag must be worn for the entirety of your visit
  • Visitors are not permitted to explore the building on their own; all guests must be accompanied by a staff member at all times
  • If a member of your party will be arriving late, please alert a staff member. Under no circumstances can exterior doors be propped open for late comers

Guests will join us beginning at 4:00 p.m. for an elegant cocktail reception in the Armor Family Atrium at the entrance of the school.  During the awards ceremony itself, families will be grouped together in assigned seating areas inside the auditorium. We anticipate concluding the event in two hours time, allowing enough time for families to enjoy a late dinner on their own.