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Exchange Program

Each fall, French and Spanish students have the opportunity to participate in a fall week-long exchange program with Catholic sister schools overseas, alternating travel and hosting each year. Students are paired up with their peers, where they enjoy going to class, sightseeing and spending leisure time with their families and friends. This tradition began with a relationship with Lycée Privé Jean XXIII in Reims, France back in 2006, and an annual exchange with this Catholic school continues today.

Since then, the program has expanded to include a Spanish student exchange with Colegio SIL (San Ignacio de Loyola) in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2020, Latin students will participate as well.

"As a language teacher, my main purpose is to ensure that my students are global citizens who recognize that every culture and language has intrinsic value and offers a beautiful and different perspective on the world." - Mrs. Kirschbaum

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What's Next?

The exchange program continues to expand! Latin students will be given the opportunity to participate in the exchange with the Jean XXIII in France. They will visit and learn about the ancient Roman city of Durocortorum (modern day Reims) and the early Catholic church through the archaeological evidence and inscriptions left by the Romans.