Freshman Launch Summer Assignment

The Hobbit

Each summer during your time as an O’Connell student, you and your classmates will be expected to prepare for the year ahead through reading and other educational experiences. These summer assignments, along with whatever you personally do to enrich your own learning, will provide you with background information and skills which help you to grow as a student.

The Bishop O’Connell freshman experience is focused on coming to understand and personally value “The Dignity of the Human Person.”  Your summer assignment uses literature, history, and theology to encourage a view of the world through the lens of Catholic tradition, leading you on a path to becoming a more informed global citizen. This assignment will introduce or strengthen the following academic skills: close reading, annotation, critical thinking, reflection and creativity.

Completed work on this summer assignment will be needed for your classes during the first two weeks of school. However, the assignment is designed to be completed over the length of the summer, with time for reading, viewing and forming your own insights and a consolidated thoughtful reflection. There are three elements to the assignment which cover three subject areas of study: English, religion and social studies.

Please read through this summer assignment in its entirety before beginning the tasks.

Follow instructions from each of the sections below. These instructions may be downloaded as a 2-page PDF file HERE.

If you have any questions during the summer, please get in touch with