Become a Peer Mentor

Better Together

The inclusive approach offered through Expanded Services (ES) at Bishop O’Connell relies on the crucial role of Peer Mentors. There are three different ways in which a student may serve as a Peer Mentor for Expanded Services.

CLASS MENTORS - Students may enroll in the Peer Mentoring Class. In doing so, one period will be designated for the student to serve as a Peer Mentor in either a small group class taught by ES teachers, or a class in an inclusive setting. This rewarding experience allows for the mentor to act as a tutor and friend in the given class. Their sole role is supporting the student, so the mentor is not taking the particular class they attend. For example, if mentoring in Religion class - the mentor is not taking the given religion class, rather, the mentor is in the class to support learning and facilitate their mentee’s experience in the class. The mentor is given support and guidance by the teacher and ES team. Class mentors may take the class for GPA credit or for Christian Service. Seniors or returning Peer Mentors have the option to enroll in this course for one semester. All other students may take the course for one year. Grading for this course is based on the daily mentoring commitment, weekly communication to the ES team, and short quarterly homework assignments which are intended to broaden knowledge and add greater context to the mentoring experience.

KNIGHT TIME MENTORS - Knight Time Peer Mentors will be assigned to serve one Knight Time per week for one semester. Mentors may receive service hours for this commitment. Students will be assigned one student to mentor during the semester allowing for mentors and mentees to form the important bond of friendship.

LUNCH MENTORS - Lunch mentors are needed to support students during lunch and join them in eating together. Students signing up to serve as lunch mentors may serve one or multiple days per week during their lunch period.

All Peer Mentors must attend a mandatory training which occurs during the week prior to school starting.

We are deeply grateful to all students who serve as Peer Mentors for Expanded Services. Their actions and commitment give daily testimony to the value of inclusive Catholic education.


If you have any questions, stop by the Expanded Services classroom or contact Mrs. Rinaldi at