Dual Credit/Enrollment

Bishop O’Connell High School and Marymount University are working in partnership to expand opportunities for high school students to pursue excellence in their academic development.

Through the Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment programs, participating O’Connell seniors may earn college credit while in high school from nearby Marymount University, a four-year Catholic university.

Dual Credit

Classes at O’Connell – Credits from O’Connell and Marymount

Marymount University offers college credit for several classes taught at Bishop O’Connell High School. This opportunity for obtaining dual credit is open to seniors whose general academic profile meets Marymount University criteria.

Statistics (3600) – Seniors enrolled in Statistics (3600) at Bishop O’Connell may request and be approved to earn credit for Statistical Analysis (MU MA 132) at Marymount University.

Multivariate Calculus (3570) - Seniors enrolled in Multivariate Calculus (3570) at Bishop O'Connell may request and be approved to earn credit for Multivariate Calculus (MU MA 221) at Marymount University.

Spanish 4 Honors (2830) - Seniors enrolled in Spanish 4 Honors (2830) at O'Connell may request to be approved to earn credit for Intermediate Spanish (MU SP 201) at Marymount.

French 4 Honors (2400) - Seniors enrolled in French 4 Honors (2400) at O'Connell may request to be approved to earn credit for Intermediate French (MU Fr 201) at Marymount.

Dual credit classes are taught at O’Connell by O’Connell faculty. These instructors have applied for and obtained adjunct professor status at Marymount University.

Additional Dual Credit courses may be offered in the future. Please visit this page regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Dual Enrollment


Classes at Marymount – Credits from O’Connell and Marymount

Seniors whose academic profiles meet Marymount University criteria may register to enroll in classes offered at Marymount. Students must consult with, and receive approval from, the counseling department and the studies office with priority given to timing of classes scheduled at O’Connell. Seniors interested in continuing a program of study at a higher level than currently offered at O’Connell are ideal candidates for dual enrollment. Courses available for dual enrollment for O'Connell students include such classes as: Astronomy (ASTR 101 & lab), Comparative Politics (POL 103), Information Technology in the Global Age (IT 110), International Relations (POL 102), Introduction to Philosophy (PH 200), Principles of Microeconomics (ECO 211), Principles of Sociology (SOC 131), Public Speaking (COM 101), and Theological Inquiry (TRS 100).


Summer London Program

British Politics & Modern Society - Marymount University in partnership with Bishop O'Connell High School is offering its first Global Summer Institute Program, July 11-21, 2020. This unique opportunity allows high school students to learn about British politics and society, as they experience life and culture in the heart of London. Students will also have the option to earn three college credits. 


Student Status

Students registered for Dual Credit or Dual Enrollment are billed by Marymount University for tuition. Dual Credit courses are offered at a significantly reduced rate for O’Connell students. Marymount also offers special reduced rates for students enrolling in Dual Enrollment courses at their campus. Please inquire about tuition rates during the application process.

Once accepted into the program, students attend an orientation at Marymount University where they officially register for classes and receive instructions for using school resources. These students receive a Marymount ID card with full student privileges, including complete access to the school’s library resources. They will receive official grades and transcripts from the university as well as from Bishop O’Connell.

How to Enroll

The Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment Programs are open to seniors in good standing at Bishop O’Connell High School.

Dual Credit process:

  • Spring - Select the O’Connell course on the course selection form.
  • September - Complete forms requesting dual credit and verifying academic status.
  • October – Attend Marymount University orientation program for O’Connell students.
  • Complete course requirements and Marymount tuition payment.

Dual Enrollment process:

  • Discuss with your school counselor.
  • Select course and time from Marymount University catalog.
  • Indicate intent on O’Connell course selection form.
  • Confirm final registration with your Bishop O'Connell counselor.