Thank you for your interest in Bishop O'Connell High School.


Bishop O'Connell High School holds high expectations for our students, our faculty, and our staff. Our academic program is organized around required courses that aim to achieve our desired learning goals for each student.

In pursuing these goals, our students learn skills they will use all their lives: how to seize upon what is most important in what they read, how to solve a problem, how to listen to others, how to frame a persuasive argument, how to organize their time, how to provide services for others and how to walk in the footsteps of Christ.

Desired Learning Goals

  • Students practice a moral code based on gospel values as found in our Catholic faith and worship.
  • Students express Christian values through participation in community service projects.
  • Students value and respect the rights and dignity of each human being from conception to natural death.
  • Students read, write, listen, and speak effectively.
  • Students develop skills and techniques to use technology.
  • Students develop creative and critical thinking skills.
  • Students utilize critical thinking, with a variety of resources, in successfully solving problems.
  • Students learn to work with others cooperatively.
  • Students respect ethnic diversity with emphasis on cross-cultural understanding.
  • Students nurture an aesthetic sense.
  • Students develop and maintain positive self-worth through a healthy lifestyle.
  • Students understand that learning is a lifetime process.
  • Students strive for excellence and seek the Truth.

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