Vocalists Selected for Honors Choirs


ACDA All-South Honors

Congratulations to the following vocalists who auditioned and earned spots in the following honors choirs:

Selected for ACDA All-Southern Honors Choir (pictured above): 

Carson Barnes
Anthony Jeffress
Luke Sullivan
John Tuason

Selected for District XII Honors Choir (* indicates top 50%- will audition for states)

Sally Adamson
*Jasmine Aleman
*Pablo Arevalo
Ana Cunningham
Madison Fleming
*Audrey Gaskins
*David Green
Melanie Greig
Livie Hart
Sade Jackson
Lucy Lobaugh
Mary Claire Mea
*Aidan O'Donovan
*Pauline Oteyza
*Sofia Parfomak
*Eileen Parks
*Grace Rafferty
Gavin Salinas (alternate)
*Ava Signorelli
*Katie Stansel
*Luke Sullivan
Bronwyn Titus-Rogan
*John Tuason