Seniors Win UVA Business Case Competition

FBLA TeamCongratulations to O'Connell seniors Grace Cook, Caroline Hanson, Harrison McBride, and Taylor Rooney on winning the "ENACTUS at UVA" High School Case Competition earlier this month. This annual competition is hosted at the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce and includes teams from throughout the Commonwealth. ENACTUS stands for "ENTrepreneurial ACTion U.S." and it's main purpose is to encourages innovative thought in high school students to solve complex business problems in creative ways. For the competition, the students were given a specific case outlining a local business' current problem. They were asked to devise recommendations and then present their ideas to a panel of judges which included the owners of the business.

The students are all members of Bishop O'Connell's Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club. "I am so proud of this team," said the club's moderator, Mrs. Marie O'Malley. "Their solution to the problem was all their own, their presentation was very professionally done, and they answered tough questions from the business owners without hesitation."