Lending a Helping Hand for the Season

Angel Tree ProjectTen juniors and seniors joined a handful of O'Connell faculty members at the annual Salvation Army Angel Tree project in Arlington. This program works with the community to provide Christmas presents for local families who are struggling financially. Last Friday was the program's distribution day, and O'Connell students worked from noon until 7 p.m. to help sort and organize the gifts, before helping parents carry out their families' gifts.

"The best part for me was when I saw the joy of the people receiving presents," said senior Andrew Oliveros. "When other people are joyful, that brings me so much joy, too."

"This project is one of my favorite group service opportunities," added O'Connell's Christian Service Coordinator, Kathryn Haas. "Seeing the reaction of the parents receiving the presents for their children brings a great deal of perspective to all of us who participate."