Learning Continues at O'Connell


It's National Teacher Appreciation Week!

If there were ever a year when everyone experienced a new level of appreciation for the skills, work ethic, and dedication of teachers, this is it.

Please join me in thanking and praying for all teachers from pre-K to college level who instruct and nurture each generation of our youth year after year. Here at O'Connell we are especially blessed. So many of our students enter high school confident and well-prepared from their elementary school experiences. In sending them here you entrust them to a wonderfully caring and competent faculty, a group undaunted by the challenges of distance learning while they so fervently wish they could be teaching in person.

Let's take time this week to remember the men and women who have chosen this ministry of teaching, may God reward their goodness. May their efforts bear fruit in the lives of your sons and daughters.

- Sister Lorraine McGrew, IHM
Head of School

Bishop O'Connell transitioned to distance learning beginning March 19, 2020. We are grateful for our dedicated faculty, who are accompanying our students during these unprecedented times.

Visit our Learning Continues webpage to read about some of the ways our teachers are embracing distance learning across the curriculum.