As I write this, the Class of 2017 is celebrating the end of the last regular school day of their high school careers. There is smiling, crying, hugging, and always shirt signing. It's clear that there are mixed emotions -- perhaps relief and trepidation. Our prayers are in gratitude for all that this Class has been able to achieve individually and collectively over the past four years. We pray too in supplication that God will continue to watch over these young men and women through their challenges and doubts, but also their victories big and small.

The visit yesterday of about 25 young alums to speak to the Class of 2017 about how to succeed in college was a great gift to the Class and the school. These alums, showing their love for their alma mater and the friendships and experiences gained here, were proud to return and share bits of wisdom with the soon to be grads regarding study habits, social life, wellness, and spiritual growth. Their presence was a kind of "Circle of Life" moment for our school and a reminder of the importance of legacy and tradition.

Alumni Panel

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