Counselors Participate in Alcohol Responsibility Video

Bishop O'Connell counselors, Sarah Stuhlman, Cynthia Germann and Kristina Herbst, recently had the opportunity to participate in a public service video produced by the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, a national non-profit with a 25-year history focused on ending drunk driving, preventing underage drinking and promoting responsible alcohol consumption for those of age. encouraged everyday Americans to define what "responsibility means to me." For some, this means taking a safe ride home. For anyone under 21, this means not drinking. And for others, even of-age consumers, it means not drinking. They are also dedicated to providing educators with the materials they need to have conversations with their students about underage drinking.

"When our counselors were asked to share about the role they play in helping students make responsible and healthy decisions, they didn't hesitate," said Erin O'Malley, dean of student services. "This message is consistent with the work they do every day in conversations and counseling programming with students, with parents, and our community. In fact, we will be using components of their Ask, Listen, Learn: Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix series in our freshman seminar next semester."

View the video here: