A busy few weeks

Since I last wrote on October 13th about our Respect Assembly, we have had a busy two weeks that culminate this weekend with Homecoming. During that time, our first round of senior retreats and the winter sports retreat took place, we had the fall instrumental concert on the 19th and a choral concert last night, and the Hispanic heritage Mass and assembly last Friday. Our Dean of Mission, Mrs. Meghan Lonergan, closed the assembly with remarks that acknowledged the hard work of all involved and connected what had happened at the assembly with the themes we addressed at the respect assembly. I share here some of her words:

Last week we focused on our community and the opportunities we have for encounters that lift up and support each other. Today we are reminded that our community is made up of many unique and beautiful parts and it is only when we understand our unique backgrounds and experiences that we can have truly meaningful encounters. We recognize that our diversity is a strength to be cherished and not something that divides us. That is why assemblies like this are so important. They allow us to better understand and celebrate our diversity. This requires those willing to share their stories, cultures and talents, but also a willingness to listen and to learn.

Tonight we host our annual Alumni Awards Dinner, an event that has become a particularly special moment for alumni and their families where we recognize their accomplishments, their dedication and their service to others. It is always an evening that affirms the mission and the traditions of our school as award recipients acknowledge the impactful roles played by teachers, coaches and counselors in their lives. It is also great fun to watch alumni gather together, sometimes seeing one another for the first time in years.

For our students, Homecoming weekend is the cap on a fun week of school spirit with special events at the football game, the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, and of course the dance. Today's Knights are building their own memories, rooted in the school's rich traditions.
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