1961- First Varsity Girls Basketball Team

1961 Lady Knights Basketball Team

Victorious Girls Score High
From the 1961 Visor Yearbook, page 104-105

"New team, the devoted coaching of Mrs. Bergan and a relentless mind to win are the ingredients that fashioned a most successful season for O'Connell's girls. Led by Bergan, Inc. (Doss and Pat), O'Connell's girls achieved a very respectable 6-2 log in the Washington Metropolitan League. This season indicates many more victorious years to come."

The team finished with an over all 11-5 record:

Washington League

vs. St. Patrick's, 70-23 (W)
vs. Notre Dame, 28-21 (W)
vs. St. Mary's, 49-22 (W)
vs. Trinity, 41-40 (W)
vs. I.C.A., 57-44 (W)
vs. St. Cecilia, 26-36 (L)
vs. Holy Cross, 52-39 (W)
vs. Immaculata, 39-51 (L)

Richmond League

vs. St. Paul's, 61-41 (W)
vs. Norfolk C., 40-42 (L)
vs. St. Paul's, 61-22 (W)
vs. Norfolk C., 53-39 (W)
vs. Cathedral, 37-57 (L)
vs. St. Patrick, 43-24 (W)
vs. Cathedral, 51-44 (W)
vs. St. Patrick, 49-55 (L)