The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

By student correspondent Margaret Rohde '24
Published Feb, 7, 2024 in the Arlington Catholic Herald

The Fine Arts Department at Bishop O’Connell High School in Arlington began the new year on a high note with the school’s annual Broadway Knights showcase, where students — and a handful of faculty members — put together a medley of music, dance and fun to bring together the O’Connell community. This unique event is open to all students at O’Connell; all that is required to participate is an audition.

Despite the snowy weather that week, the performers stayed resilient and continued to perfect their art. However, because of the icy conditions, the two planned weekend performances had to be combined into a single event Jan. 21 before a packed theater of students, alumni, faculty and family members.

Principal Frank Roque opened the show with a prayer in the tradition of all school-led events, reminding the community that the reason we are all here is for the greater glory of God. Then the magic began with a joyful song from the musical “Pippin.”

Each performance was met with applause and enthusiasm from the audience.

“Broadway Knights is a great way to showcase the God-given talents of the students and faculty O’Connell,” said Gabriella Bambino, interim choir director. “Students can curate their performance skills, bond with faculty, and share their talents with the broader school community.”

That night, Bambino not only was involved with the choral performance, but she also showed off her own vocal talents.

Student performers also found joy in sharing their talents with their fellow members of the O’Connell community. “It’s an incredible way to show off our passion and share that with other people,” said Severyn Parsons.

Through dancing, singing and instrumental performances, Broadway Knights captured the school’s energetic and enthusiastic spirit for creativity and ingenuity. From show-stopping group numbers to a special send-off for the seniors, the night was filled with spectacular performances.

“Broadway Knights is always a great experience to be a part of,” said senior JT Glenchur. “It really fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie and provides all students with an amazing avenue to put their talents on full display.”

At the end of the show, an ensemble gave a rousing performance of “Steal Your Rock ‘N’ Roll” from the musical “Memphis.”

“I am extremely proud of all the performers who stepped on the stage to showcase their talents and their passion for the arts, and I am equally grateful to our Fine Arts Boosters for their tireless efforts behind the scenes,” said Timothy LaCrosse, fine arts department chair. “Events like this create memorable experiences that will stay with these students for a lifetime.”

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