Group Photo of the 2023-2024 Board of Governors


The Bishop O'Connell Board of Governors, a board of limited jurisdiction, has been selected to participate in decision-making in designated areas of responsibility. These areas include planning, policy formulation/enactment, finances, care for the facility, and advancement activities including public relations and marketing. The board is deliberative in the area of finance.

Governors are the custodians of the integrity of the organization; they hold in trust the organization's reputation and mission as created by its founders, and as developed by those who have shaped the organization in the past. Current governors accept the obligation to not only preserve, but also add to this organization. In this way, governors help form not only the present, but also the future composition and direction of the organization.


Mrs. Elizabeth Lewarne, Board Chair
Mr. Bill Crittenberger, Head of School
Mr. Michael Griffen
Ms. Mary Kay Lanzilotta '81
Mrs. Jessica Marventano
Sr. Lorraine McGrew, I.H.M.
Rev. Peter McShurley, Chaplain
Mr. Chris Melnick '84
Mrs. Mia Petree
Mr. Scott Pochick, Chief Financial Officer
Rev. Patrick Posey
Mr. Frank Roque, Principal
Rev. Paul D. Scalia
Mr. Paul Schmidt
Ms. JoEllen Urban '82
Dr. Joseph E. Vorbach '83, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Arlington