Progress on Little Falls Road

In 2013, Bishop O’Connell undertook a comprehensive study to develop a master plan to align the physical facilities with the school’s mission-driven strategic plan. The project evolved from the need to address functional, organization and space deficiencies of a school that was originally designed more than 60 years ago in the co-institutional model of single-sex classrooms. Boys and girls entered the school through separate entrances that faced Trinidad and Underwood Streets. The “boys side” and “girls side” shared a central courtyard, cafeteria, and library that connected the two halves. 

With the help of Maginniss + del Ninno Architects, an eight-phase Master Site Plan was developed to guide the process of modernizing the school’s facilities. The plan provides a sequenced phased approach to addressing the evolving space requirements of curricula and the need for flexible learning and teaching spaces that meet today's educational landscape. 

Project Updates

March 16, 2021

Academic Wing - New lockers are installed on all three floors near the new classrooms.

Academic Wing - Hallways are close to completion on all floors.

Academic Wing - Classroom spaces are near completion, with technology and other system set-ups happening in the spring.

Academic Wing - Open collaborative learning spaces are included in the layout. Special furniture has been ordered to allow for individual as well as small group study space.

Academic Wing - New meeting rooms for use by clubs and faculty.

Academic Wing - The second floor has a special flex learning space that can be divided into two large classrooms if needed. This room is across from the Campus Ministry suite and the hallway will include some lovely display cases as well.

The roof of the new atrium corridor is now covered in live "green roof" plants.

Here's a close up of the green roof material that has been planted across the new atrium, and will "crop up" on several other roof spaces.

Chapel - The view from the small prayer niche in the 2nd floor hallway into the chapel.

Chapel - The side walls are getting special niches to highlight the Stations of the Cross.

Chapel - The side door of the chapel leads out to a walled prayer garden.

Chapel - The interior walls of the prayer garden are taking shape. This outdoor space is accessible from the side door of the chapel.

Chapel - The interior of the new chapel is taking shape, and drywall installation is beginning.

Chapel - The exterior of the chapel is waiting for stone and roofing.

Chapel - The brick exterior of the academic wing is almost completed and stone masons are beginning to tackle the stone walls and exterior of the chapel.

Atrium - We love the cross that graces the front entrance of the school!

Atrium - This lobby area of the atrium is a popular spot for school work and socially distanced gatherings.

Atrium - The atrium is used every day as an open space for studying. Additional furniture for casual seating will be added to the downstairs corridor once we no longer need to spread out for lunches.

Atrium - The school now has a fully functioning elevator!

View of front entrance of the school from behind the pedestrian plaza, with flag pole and Holy Family statue in view. The plaza will see a few original elements return to the area around the statue, including benches and plaques.