Head of School Message

Head of School

Welcome to the Bishop Denis J. O’Connell website and, more broadly, welcome to this remarkable school—a warm, happy, and hospitable place where a pervasive sense of inclusion and community lies at the heart of what it is about and known for. I encourage you to dive deep into our website and, following that, reach out to our dedicated administrators (starting with the admissions office, for prospective families) and talented and caring teachers if interested in learning more about the engaging, fruitful, and joyous nature of the O'Connell experience.

Embarking on my second year as Head of School here at Bishop O'Connell, I continue to enjoy taking in and savoring all that is good and gracious about this extraordinary learning enclave. It is a home away from home both to our current students and the hundreds of hundreds of alumni, Knights on a mission, who count their high school years as spiritually, academically, and socially formative and meaningful—essential in the shaping of their world view and in joyously choosing to link themselves fully to the life and example of Jesus by going onto lives of service to others, outreach to the least of their brothers and sisters, and in divining their broader purpose by listening closely to the Lord’s voice and direction.

Bishop O’Connell proudly yet humbly places both its Catholic identity—“to provide students with an education rooted in the life of Christ”—and its catholic identity (“catholic” from the Greek for “respect of the whole”) as mutually anchoring elements in what defines this community. This is a school known for its heartfelt embrace and full orientation toward meeting, supporting, and affirming every student so as “to foster the pursuit of excellence in the whole person.”

I hope you’ll endeavor to learn more about Bishop O’Connell, as I am confident you’ll like what you see.

God’s Peace,

Bill Crittenberger
Head of School