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Christian Service


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A list of possible service opportunities
UPDATED: February 9, 2016



Service is integral as we identify ourselves as Christians to our local and global community. The Christian Service program at Bishop O'Connell reflects the fundamental principles upon which the school was built. Our mission is to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Christ to brothers and sisters in our local and international communities. We integrate and practice the methods in accordance to Catholic social teaching to help students prepare for missions throughout the world. The Christian Service program is designed to meet the following objectives in Catholic education:

  1. To provide an opportunity of service in which the students can explore their own giftedness and ways in which they can share them with others
  2. To provide an opportunity of service in which the students will make choices about areas of deep human need with which they will become involved.
  3. To provide an opportunity of service in which the students can discover the joy that comes with responding to others in need and to plant a life-long commitment to service beyond high school.
  4. To provide an opportunity of service in which students are challenged to broaden the scope of their involvement.
  5. To provide an opportunity for reflection through writing and sharing with others. The students are encouraged to integrate their service experiences with their religious, academic, athletic, and spiritual formation.
Each year students are expected to perform a minimum of ten (10) hours of service in the school, local, national, or global community. Approved service cites and guidelines for each grade level are outlined below. Students who would like to serve with an organization that is not listed as approved and/or does not fall within the service guidelines should submit an Intent to Serve Request (Special Request Form on the right) to the Christian Service Office before completing service hours.


To better prepare O’Connell students for future post-secondary education and training, service projects must be performed in accordance to the following guidelines:

  • All students must submit their service contracts by October 2, 2015.
  • Forms for service completed during the summer months must be submitted no later than October 2, 2015 in order for these summer hours to count towards the 2015-2016 service requirements.
  • Completion of hours MUST be done outside of the school day and with an approved opportunity based on grade level requirements.
  • Working for any non-profit organization that provides funds for medical research which is in accord with Catholic teaching is acceptable service. Any organization which provides support for persons with medical conditions is acceptable service (e.g. Kidney Foundation). This does not include doctor’s offices and other medical establishments that are for-profit.
  • Service with athletic teams in the name of Bishop O’Connell is to be for activities that are not for profit to the school, team, or individual in any way.
  • Service to family, including extended family does not fulfill any requirement. Students seeking to do service for an individual should be done to someone unrelated by friendship or family in order for hours to fulfill the service requirement.
  • Supervisor feedback is to be from someone outside of the family or extended family.
  • Service does not affect GPA, but is listed on official transcripts.


Freshmen and Sophomore students are required to complete ten hours of service BEFORE Apr. 18, 2016.

Hours from middle school do not count towards this requirement.

Approved service:

  • Service to the O’Connell Community (See In-House DJO Service List)
  • Service to the Church (local parish or diocese)
    • Including ushering, altar serving or teaching religious education classes
  • Coaching, mentoring and tutoring (any non-family member)
  • Service to any organization or opportunity listed on the Approved Service List
  • Any environmental service in support of:
    • A specific person in need, non-profit, nursing home or parish (non family member)
  • Work Camp
  • Any service opportunities listed for juniors and seniors

Please fill out an Intent to Serve form found on the service website if an opportunity does not meet the requirements above before completing your service project.


Junior deadline: April 18, 2016

Senior deadline: March 22, 2016

Junior and Senior students are required to complete ten hours of service by directly (face-to-face) serving a group that is identifiable as poor, dispossessed or marginialized. CLICK HERE to read more...

In addition to ten hours of service performed, seniors must choose 1 of the 3 options for their reflection.

Download Senior Reflection Options

Seniors who do not receive a passing service grade will not receive their diplomas and their transcripts will be withheld from colleges until they have completed their service requirements.

Approved service:

  • Service to the homeless and/or hungry
  • Service to the disabled
  • Service to the sick
  • Service to the elderly
  • Service to the unborn and/or expectant mothers
  • Service to the poor
  • Service to children at Title 1 Schools (coaching, mentoring, tutoring)
  • Service in a hospital or nursing home
  • Service spent in work for the church in activities that directly (face to face) support the poor and marginalized
  • Service spent in work for the church in activities such as altar serving and teaching religious education (5 hours maximum can be received)
  • In addition to the above, students may complete their service project with specific grade level listed opportunities on the Approved Service List or the In-House DJO Service List.

Please fill out an Intent to Serve form found on the service website if an opportunity does not meet the requirements above before completing your service project.

Forms and Links

Students may submit service hours in two ways:

1) Turn in a hard copy of the Service Verification Form


2) Log hours online through X2Vol

Video Tutorials for X2VOL





Intent to Serve Request

Students who have questions regarding their service project should submit an Intent to Serve Request before completing hours with any placement that could potentially be impermissible. 


Visit the FAQ page


Contact Info

Kathryn Hogan
703-538-3307 (office)
703-237-1465 (fax)

Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @DJOService 

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